Long Island Summer Camps - Your Long Island Summer Camp Resource Guide

Long Island Summer Camps - Your Long Island Summer Camp Resource Guide

Long Island Summer Camps - Your Long Island Summer Camp Resource Guide


Frequently Asked Questions about Summer Camps


Long Island Summer Camps - Your Long Island Summer Camp Resource Guide


How will I know when my child is ready for sleep away camp?
How will I know when my child is ready for sleep away camp?
Most families consider sleep away summer camps for children 8 years and older. However, age is not the only factor in determining when a child is ready for sleep away camp. Consider your child’s level of interest and desire to explore this summer camp option. Consider your child’s experiences away from home without you. Has your child slept out at a friend’s house or spent a weekend away from home? Always be positive and talk with your child about the benefits of going to sleep away camp.




When should I begin my search for sleep away camp?
Many families begin their research one and a half years before their child will attend summer sleep away camp. Although it is not necessary to begin so far ahead, we do recommend this for families who plan to visit sleep away summer camps while they are in session. Most camps will provide tours for prospective families, by appointment, throughout the summer. These tours fill up quickly, so it is important for families to make appointments as soon as possible.

There are many advantages to seeing a sleep away camp while it is in session. Touring summer camps while they are "in action" allows children and parents to get a "feel" for the camp, its sense of spirit and camaraderie, as well as the level of adult involvement and supervision.

There are also advantages to securing your child’s enrollment a year in advance. Some summer camps do fill their allotted spaces early in the season, and many offer tuition incentives to those who enroll early. Rest assured that no matter when you begin your search, our expert guidance will assist you in finding the right summer camp for your child.

Long Island Summer Camps - Your Long Island Summer Camp Resource Guide

Are there different types of sleep-away camps?
Traditional sleep away camps offer a tremendous variety of activities including land sports, water sports, arts and crafts, adventure, drama and more. These summer camps can be "coed camps", "boys camps", "girls camps", or "brother-sister camps", where boys and girls have separate campuses and facilities.

Specialty summer camps offer focused activities in a particular area. These include sports camps, fine arts camps, performing arts summer programs, academic and travel programs.

Special needs camps meet the needs of a wide range of children. These camps provide an outdoor summer camp experience along with a therapeutic environment.


What factors should I consider when selecting summer camps?
Program flexibility
Summer camps recognize that children thrive in different environments, which is why programming options will vary from camp to camp. These options can range from full choice to structured. Full choice summer programs will allow campers to select all of their activities. A structured summer camp will allow some elective activities, however campers generally follow a pre-determined schedule.

Length of stay
Today, there are many summer camp options. Camps offer anywhere from 1 to 7 week sessions.

Distance from home
Different geographic regions provide different summer camp environments. Consider the environment you want for your child along with your level of comfort. Keep in mind that distance from home is not directly related to homesickness!

Traditional sleep away summer camps range in price from $450 to over $1000 per week. Be certain to inquire about ‘extras’ such as laundry, canteen, trips or transportation, which may or may not be included in camp tuition. Specialty summer camps are priced from $300 and up.




How do I choose the right summer camp for my child?
We will guide you in identifying the individual needs of your family. With our extensive knowledge of hundreds of sleep away summer camps, we will recommend programs that will best meet your needs. We have done the research and we want to share our knowledge with you – free of charge. Relying on us as your personal summer camp directory will ensure that you will make an educated and informed choice for your child.

Your child is unique. Let us assist you in finding the right summer program. Together, we will find a camp that will provide your child with a lifetime of positive summer camp memories! Contact us.


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